To become centre of excellence in technical education and research and to occupy a place amongst the most eminent institutions of the nation.


Ø  To build across the institute a culture of excellence in teaching and learning with needed performance and accountability from all support activities.

Ø  To enhance the institute standing as the institute of choice for students across the country; and to augment the presence of international students to at least ten percent of student body.

Ø  To cultivate a field in which new ideas, research and scholarship flourish leading to emergence of creators, innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Ø  To design the education through a continuous process so that the students qualifying from the institute have the top rating in placement.

Ø  To achieve excellence in application-oriented research in selected areas of technology to contribute to the development of the region and the nation.

Ø  To promote co- and extra-curricular activities for over-all personality development of the students.

Ø  To develop responsible citizenship through awareness and acceptance of ethical values.

Ø  To build a family of alumni and friends to create a network of allegiance and support for the institute.

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